This Is What I Believe as a Christian

My name is Mark Myers and I have created this document in order to further define who I am. I am a Christian. However, the word Christian does not have the same meaning to everyone. Being a Christian identifies a set of core beliefs and values that I have which greatly impact how I deal with life. Here are some of my core beliefs and values which have had a major impact on my life.

About God

God created everything that exists in its intricate detail. The fact that God is the creator means that God is in charge of everything within God’s creation. God is worthy of all glory, honor, and praise because of who God is and because of what God has done. God is always actively involved with in his creation. God is revealed in 3 parts, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Son of God, Jesus the Christ, was born of the virgin Mary. Jesus was and is fully God and Jesus was fully man. Jesus was born and lived his whole life without sinning. Jesus was crucified by Pontius Pilate and died on a cross and was buried in a tomb. On the third day Jesus was raised back to life conquering the power of sin and death. After the resurrection of Jesus, Jesus was seen by his disciples and several others before Jesus ascended into heaven. Jesus said that he is the way, the truth, and the life. Jesus said that no one comes to the Father except by coming through him. God wants to have a personal relationship with people.

About The Bible

The Bible is the inspired word of God. The Bible is scripture. By “inspired” I mean “God breathed”. In other words, the words contained in the Bible came directly from God as they were being written down by men. By “word of God” I mean that the Bible is direct revelation from God. By “scripture” I mean that the Bible is sacred.

Within Christianity there is no higher source for God’s revelation. The Bible is to be taken literally and within the context of when the text was written and why the text was written. The Bible is not God but the Bible is from God and points to God. What I mean by saying that “Bible is not God but the Bible is from God and points to God” is that the Bible is a book that God can use to teach and lead you. God can choose to use something other than the Bible. The Bible lists times where God has used a donkey, dreams and many other things. However, because God never changes, the message presented must agree with the message found in the Bible.

About Prayer

Prayer is man’s conversation with God. Prayer does not require words. You can pray to God at any time in any place. God is all knowing so come to God from where you are. Not from where you want to be or where you think that you ought to be. God is fully in charge at the same time God is all powerful and yet God loves you enough to have your eternal best in mind. Therefore ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened for you.

About Sin

Sin is nothing more than rebellion against God's authority. The penalty for sin is death. Because of the sin of Adam back in the garden of Eden, everyone that is born with the seed of man is born a sinner.

About Salvation

God had a plan from the beginning that would break the power of the curse of sin and thus would allow for people that are held captive in sin to be set free. God's plan is called the gospel which simply means the good news. The good news is that while we were still sinners, God sent Jesus, God's only son to die for our sins on a cross and after Jesus was dead in the grave for 3 days God raised Jesus back to life.

Because Jesus had never sinned Jesus was able to die for our sins. Jesus willingly died for our sins because of God's love for people. The death and resurrection of God's sinless Son broke the power of sin. The battle between good and evil and life and death is finished. The good news is that because God fought and won the battle over sin and death through Jesus, God has offered the free gift of life to anyone willing to do things God's way.

God's way is simply to believe that Jesus is who he said he was and to confess that he is Lord of your life. Jesus said, that He, Jesus, was the only way, truth and life. Jesus said no one comes to the Father but by me. In other words Jesus said he is the only way to God and he is the only way to life. Salvation is a free gift from God to people. The gift is free in the sense that there is nothing that you can ever do to earn it. The gift is unmerited, completely undeserved. The gift of life or being saved from death is completely God offering grace to people. To accept the free gift of God you must believe. So we are saved by faith and not by works.

About Relationship with God

To know God is more than just knowing the Bible. Belief is not really belief until the belief results in actions. Relationship with God is nothing more than the process of learning to live what you believe about God through the circumstances of life. Take God at his word as you live your life. Let God bring personal meaning and understanding to the principles found in the Bible as you experience walking out those principles with God through whatever life presents.

The Bible, which is called scripture, is good for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for instruction in righteousness, so that the person following after God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work. However, just knowing scripture by itself is not the answer. The process of God growing you and God shaping you according to God's will for your life is called sanctification. The ongoing results of the sanctification process in a christian’s life is a maturing of your faith.

An example of this would be when I was first saved I believed that God loved me because the Bible said that God loved me. Now I can say that I have experienced God’s love, first hand and as such I know that God loves me. The reality is that if you never put what you say that you believe into practice you will have only head knowledge without understanding.

Here is another way to think about it. Jesus said that he came to give life that is more abundant. I believe that you can live a life that is abundant no matter what circumstances are in your life. After all the Bible says, to consider it as pure joy whenever you face trials of many kinds. This can not be understood without first learning to trust God for who God is as you walk out trusting God through the process of life.

About Faith

The Bible teaches that it impossible to please God without faith and that even mountains can be moved by someone who has just a little faith. Faith is more than just believing something. Although faith starts by making a choice to just believe.

This is the same concept as, you see a chair in which you want to sit. Then you make a choice of whether to believe that the chair is able to hold you. How much effort that you put into evaluating how likely the chair is to hold you is largely dependant on your past experiences with chairs. If you have had a bad experience, in that some chair that you sat on broke and you fell to the ground. You are likely to even consider the chair’s surroundings when you evaluate how likely the chair will hold you. However, your choice of believing that a chair will hold you is not the essence of faith. The essence of faith is when you go from believing the chair will hold you to sitting on the chair.

For a belief to be able to even become actionable the belief must be at least somewhat specific. You can say that you believe in God or that you are a Christian. However, until you come to grips with what you believe about God or being a Christian your belief is useless in that your belief has no impact on your life. For a belief to become faith the belief must be something that is specific enough that the belief can be acted upon.

Normally faith starts small and then faith grows as a result of your experience. As an example, you might choose to believe that God is completely in charge and God is all knowing and all powerful and yet God has your eternal best interest in mind and that God is eager to be in relationship with you. The actional aspect of your belief would likely start in prayer, which is simply conversation with God, as you learn to know and trust God. You should get a Bible and start reading the Bible in order to learn more about God. There are many Bibles out there so ask God to help you find a Bible. Also as you read the Bible, ask God to help you understand what you are reading.

Your faith will grow stronger as a result of you believing something specific and then acting upon that belief. The resulting life experience will impact who you are and how you view life. Each of these life experiences will build upon your past experiences and will continue to strengthen your resolve in what you believe.

About Dealing With Struggles In This Life

Jesus said, In this life you will have struggles, but be of good cheer for I (Jesus) have overcome the world. When you are presented with a struggle in this life, it is okay to ask God (pray to God) to remove the struggle, however, it is completely God’s decision as to whether the struggle will be removed or the struggle will be used by God to grow character within your life. If God chooses to leave the struggle within your life, then it is your responsibility to let God teach you how to trust God as you let God walk you through the struggle. As part of your responsibility you are to go to God (pray) from where you are and not from where you want to be or where that you think that you ought to be. God is more than able to walk you through any struggle in this life and to give you an abundant life no matter what the circumstances are within your life.

Over time, as you see the results of God walking you through the struggles of this life you might even start to get excited when you come upon a new struggle in this life. After all God has proven that God will show up. You have no idea what God will do but it is amazing to get to see God in action. Even the Bible says to consider it as pure joy whenever you face trials (struggles) of many kinds.

About The Importance Of Evaluating What You Believe

You and you alone are responsible for what you believe. Just as you are responsible for your actions. Others can only influence your actions and your beliefs. What you believe about God will have eternal consequences. It is OK to believe something is true just because someone has told you that it is true. However, to never consider the possibility that what you were told might be wrong is very dangerous.

We evaluate everything that we come in contact with based upon our senses, our life experiences, and our mental ability to reason. The ever present danger of being deceived mandates a periodic evaluation of why you believe what you believe. You must decide if the reason that you believe what you believe is sufficient or merits further investigation.

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