This is me, Mark Myers.Mark I am happily married to Kathryn Kathryn

and we have two great kids, Steven Steven and Sarah. Sarah

I enjoy doing just about anything with my family. I am also very good with technology, especially computers. I enjoy helping people, driving, camping, hiking, walking, running and troubleshooting just about anything. Although my Parkinson's disease has worsened over the past several years and greatly reduced my ability to do things. God has certainly not abandoned me but rather God is still leading me as I struggle to find all that I can do with Parkinson's disease.

* Remember, life is hard so pray harder cuz God is bigger than anything and God is eager to be involved in your life!

My Story is the result of an interview of Mark Myers by Alan Cummins of Fellowship Church in Knoxville Tennessee.

Living with Parkinson's Disease or any other major life challenge

Blessings from God A document which describes a few of the awesome blessings God has given to Mark Myers through the struggles of life.

Home of the Myers Complex - A place where the Myers family thrives