Living With Parkinson's Disease

My name is Mark Myers. I have advanced Parkinson's Disease or PD. My symptoms started back when I was around 12 years old. My symptoms have always been intermittent in intensity. For the first roughly 20 years of the disease the doctors had no idea what was causing my symptoms. Some of the early doctors would prescribe a medication and tell me that the medication would take care of the problem. This would of course get my hopes up only to be dashed when my symptoms returned.

I learned from this that doctors do not know everything, even though some doctors present an image that they do. So if you are dealing with a doctor do not just accept what the doctor says. Good doctors make decisions based upon what they know about a situation. Some of what the doctor knows comes from observation. The rest of the information the doctor uses to make a decision comes from the interview with the patient and from the doctor guessing to fill any missing gaps. What this means is you have to be willing to ask questions to make sure that information that the doctor is using to make a decision is as accurate as possible.

My form of PD has had two major symptoms with a few minor symptoms. For me, the difference between a major and minor symptom is dependent on how much the symptom hinders my everyday activity. The first is dyskinesia which are the tremors or involuntary movements which are primarily in my arms and legs. I have had deep brain stimulation surgery to handle this symptom which works for the most part. The second major symptom is dystonia which is where some muscles do not relax or shut off properly. However, just because PD affects much of life, I do not define myself by the PD. Let me try to explain what I mean.

Because of God, I approach life's struggles as challenges that need to be conquered. Yes life with PD is hard and sometimes it is very hard. However, I have come to understand that God is bigger than everything in this life. Beyond that, God also very much cares for people and wants to have a personal intimate relationship with people. Through my years with PD, God has always been there with me in the midst of the struggle. Sometimes even to pick me up when I had fallen, literally. According to the Bible a personal intimate relationship with God is available, through God's Son, Jesus, to anyone that is willing to surrender to doing things God's way and is willing to trust God as the one in charge of their life.

Making a commitment to God does not mean that your circumstances will change. It does mean that God will walk you through the circumstances of life. Even though God has the ability to change the circumstances, because God is in charge, God may see more long term benefit for you and others by not changing the circumstances. By trusting God you will actually be able to grow and benefit from the struggles of life instead of being defeated by life's struggles. This trust is completely independent of the circumstances.

Your life might be much harder than mine or maybe it is much easier. The question is have you chosen to do things God's way or not?

Blessings from God A document which describes a few of the awesome blessings God has given to Mark Myers through the struggles of life.

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